Handmaids of the Precious Blood, Cor Jesu Monastery

Founded 1947; Cloistered

Pontifical status as a fully cloistered contemplative community in 1992.

                                   "For Christ in His Priest"

Locations in Illinois and New Mexico.
Handsmaids of the Precious Blood, Cor Jesu Monastery, Rosary and Cincture
"Cloistered Nuns offering their lives for the sanctification of priests in Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration."

Left:  Rosary and Cincture

There are several pages on their website dedicated to Blessed John Paul II - obviously, the Holy Father was a great inspiration to them. As they say, "As a Pontifical community, our love for the Church is expressed in our unswerving loyalty and fidelity to the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ on earth."

"As our Founder so clearly stated, our life 'is tied, anchored, bound, fastened, and focused in the Blessed Sacrament.' This is our apostolate, which allows us to extend our love for Jesus and our gratitude to Him to every hour of the day and night. Each Sister enjoys at least one daily Holy Hour in addition to several nocturnal Holy Hours each week."

Handmaids of the Precious Blood, Cor Jesu Moanstery, Adoration
"We wear a full length wine red habit, a scapular with an attached Trinitarian emblem, a long white veil, cincture, and Rosary. The wine red color symbolizes the Precious Blood and our white veil symbolizes the Eucharist. A simple silver ring is worn by perpetually professed Sisters."

"By the call of God we form a true family, like the first Christian community. We are gathered in His name around our Mother Prioress, a true spiritual mother and friend. Together we seek the Will of God from moment to moment in faith and simplicity. This brings a peace like unto that of the Holy Family, whose hearts were completely united."

Handmaids of the Precious Blood, Cor Jesu Monastery
"The fruition of the Handmaids' life of prayer and self-immolation is to be realized in a hidden life of deep personal sacrifice and constant prayerful intercession in the interest of the holiness of all priests and in behalf of the needs of all souls."

This is an ethnically diverse community, with Sisters from many places in the US and internationally.

According to IRL, "Candidates participate in the 2-4 week 'Come and See' experience at the motherhouse or by a 3 months aspirancy program either at the motherhouse or by correspondence."

Any practicing Catholic can send them their mailing address, and they will assign you a priest to pray for daily.  See Adopt a Priest

Spirituality: Handmaids (they have their own Rule of life, being Eucharistic, Marian, and Sacerdotal); Our Blessed Mother and the Rosary; Blessed John Paul II; Traditional Habit

They are separate and distinct from other Orders which share the title "of the Precious Blood".

Devotions:  Prayer - Communal 3X daily (separate from Holy Hours);  Scripture and other spiritual reading;  Habit - traditional; Eucharistic Adoration, one hour a day per Sister, as well as some night time Holy Hours; Divine Office - chanted, communal; Rosary - three daily during Holy Hour;  Meditation; Silence - Grand

About five hours a day are spent in the chapel, not counting Adoration Hours.  I do hope I have most of the above correct.  Just take it for granted they pray a bunch, and most of it in community.

Apostolates: Prayer (for priests and all souls), spiritual works of mercy

Ages upon entrance: 19-39
Belated vocations? No

# professed sisters or nuns: About 20


Cor Jesu Monastery
PO Box 90, Jemez Springs NM

Phone: (575) 829-3906

Please note:  the Sisters prefer mail or email communication, as they leave their answering machine on nearly all the time, so as not to interrupt prayers.  It will be harder to reach them if you use the telephone.

Email:  Vocation

Handmaids of the Precious Blood, Cor Jesu Monastery
Right:  Titled on their webpage:  "Adore the Lord in His Holy Court"

  • Their New Mexico location (in a canyon) is said to be spectacular, even in the winter, with the sun's brightness bathing the entire scene, down to the Canyon's bottom at 6300 feet!
  • Precious Blood Chaplet
  • Mother of Sorrows Rosary
  • Benediction
  • Two ministries that are new to me are listed on their links page, and I think would be of great interest to my readers. I will put this on my main blog eventually. They should be more well known than they are (or maybe I've been oblivious). On further inspection, I see that Encourage Priests is part of the Catholics Coming Home movement - and they have made terrific videos.  Spectacular - and inspired.  If you've never visited their site, please do - Catholics Come Home. 
  • EncouragePriests
  • Courageous Priest

Station of the Cross, Handmaids of the Precious Blood, Cor Jesu Monastery
Can't seem to stop:  Also, see  Stations of the Cross  (visual).  I think you will like it, as you can pray them with strong visual reminders, which I always find helpful.  

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    Ages upon Entrance

    Belated >35
    Extern 18/37
    Extern 20/40
    Extern > 35
    Extern >40